Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nire's Desire Swatch and Review

Today I have a few polishes from Nire's Desire to show you! 

*Please see my disclosure policy regarding polishes sent for review* 
*All photos are shown with 2 coats and Seche Vite topcoat*

A rose pink soft holo with gold flecks. 

Opacity - If you do a thinker coat you could get away with one... If you do thinner coats then you will need two.

Cost- $10 USD for a 13ml 

See the holo

 Macro shot to show the gold flecks

This is a mesmerizing in the sun burgundy/fuchsia holo!

Opacity - 1 coat!

Cost- $10 USD for a 13ml 

Inside - No sun! See the holo!

With Camera flash!

Get your sun glasses!

This is a chocolate holo with a red undertone. 

Opacity - 2 coats. This one acts a bit like a chrome polish.

Cost- $10 USD for a 13ml 

Inside under LED light

With camera flash

Macro in the sun

Overall thoughts:

These polishes were extremely easy to work with and the brushes are flat which I like. I can't pick a favorite out of these three because they are all equally beautiful... but honestly if you MADE me pick one... just one I would have to say..... Resurrection! Which is weird because I usually don't like pinks with my skin tone but hey, there is a first for everything right! ;) I will definitely be looking to add more of this indie brand to my collection in the future and you should too!

Where to find Nire's Desire: 

Where to buy Nire's Desire: 

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