Thursday, February 27, 2014

Creations By Lynda LLC Swatch and Review

Today I have a few polishes from Creations By Lynda LLC.

***These were send to me for review.... please see my Disclosure Policy located in the tabs above.***

This is The Wild Side Collection which will be available March 3rd on her website: 
OR you can preorder them now 

Each bottle will be $8.50 USD (plus shipping of course)

This Collection has polishes: Zebra, Snow Leopard, Pink Flamingo and Peacock!

First up we have Zebra. Which is a white polish with black shards and small black bar glitter.
Smooth application! I had no trouble with any of the shards or the bars... everything went into place perfectly! I am not a fan of bar glitter but this combination works great! I think the sizing of the bars is perfect because when you get the longer bars they tend to look like hair (eww) but not this one! This is a crelly polish and I did use three coats for depth.

Next we have Snow Leopard, This one is the same crelly... white with black hexies and micro gray hexies. It was very hard to catch the gray hexies in the photos (they look kinda white in the pictures) but they give a depth to the polish that would be missing if they weren't there.
Smooth application! Shown here in three coats for depth.

Here we have Peacock, a green base packed with glitter! There is some gold, purple, green and sometimes the hint of blue in there. A hard one to catch on camera but the first picture (macro shot) shows it pretty well. This one is shown in 4 coats to achieve the opacity that I prefer. Could be worn over another color or alone like I have shown below. This color green made my camera freak out lol, as you can see in the pictures below... it doesn't look like the same polish in all three pictures. It's all about the lighting... which I haven't quite mastered yet lol. The macro shot shows the true color the best.

Last but not least we have Pink Flamingo, a pink crelly with a slight hint of purple shimmer. Very hard to catch the shimmer on camera but I assure you it is there in real life! Very smooth application! 

Overall thoughts: Crellies! This is the first crelly polish that I have worked with so that as a bit of a change for me but a change for the good. I really like these! I love that you can layer them and create such an almost 3D effect on you nails! Application was great! The glitter polishes are packed with glitters so in these mini bottles there was NO fishing. 

Be on the look out for another review from Creations By Lynda very soon!

To purchase any of these polishes or any of her other beautiful creations please visit her website: 
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nire's Desire Swatch and Review

Today I have a few polishes from Nire's Desire to show you! 

*Please see my disclosure policy regarding polishes sent for review* 
*All photos are shown with 2 coats and Seche Vite topcoat*

A rose pink soft holo with gold flecks. 

Opacity - If you do a thinker coat you could get away with one... If you do thinner coats then you will need two.

Cost- $10 USD for a 13ml 

See the holo

 Macro shot to show the gold flecks

This is a mesmerizing in the sun burgundy/fuchsia holo!

Opacity - 1 coat!

Cost- $10 USD for a 13ml 

Inside - No sun! See the holo!

With Camera flash!

Get your sun glasses!

This is a chocolate holo with a red undertone. 

Opacity - 2 coats. This one acts a bit like a chrome polish.

Cost- $10 USD for a 13ml 

Inside under LED light

With camera flash

Macro in the sun

Overall thoughts:

These polishes were extremely easy to work with and the brushes are flat which I like. I can't pick a favorite out of these three because they are all equally beautiful... but honestly if you MADE me pick one... just one I would have to say..... Resurrection! Which is weird because I usually don't like pinks with my skin tone but hey, there is a first for everything right! ;) I will definitely be looking to add more of this indie brand to my collection in the future and you should too!

Where to find Nire's Desire: 

Where to buy Nire's Desire: 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

La Bella Vernice Review

Today we have a few polishes from La Bella Vernice

I was sent these polishes for review:

Vineyard-Limited Edition Fall 2013 Collection
Harvest-Limited Edition Fall 2013 Collection
Crushed Velvet-From the Winter Blues Collection Feeling Blue-Mood Swings Collection

First lets have a look at the adorable packaging that these come in!

First up we have Vineyard! A perfectly named purple with a blue shift. Think about grapes at a vineyard... if you are like me then you have really only seen them in pictures but the image is the same. A purple with a hint of blue not to dark and not to light... The perfect grape!

This polish could be worn alone or possibly over another purple to spiff it up. Kinda sheer in one coat but opaque in two. This is a chrome polish... I don't always have the steadiest of hands so you can see the lines a little. Drying time was quick... like I did one hand and by the time I was done I could have went back to do the second coat immediately. Formula is smooth.  

Cost: $10.00 for a 15ml

Shown here with 2 coats. 

Here you can see a little of that blue poking through in the refection of the light.

I was able to catch the shift!

Next up we have Harvest! Harvesting time is usually in the fall an this color is a great depiction of fall.  Copper orange, pink and red shifter with a slight shimmer! It is so hard to accurately describe this color because it is just..... awww! It's Autumn in a bottle! 

This one is also chrome as well but very easy to work with (I was a little bit steadier with this one hehe). Drying time is great too! Opaque in 2 coats. Formula was smooth.

Cost: $10.00 for a 15ml

 Is it Pink?

  Is it orange?

With flash to try and catch that shimmer!

Next we have Crushed Velvet! Oh how I didn't want to take this off! A beautiful navy blue with holo glitter! I am a sucker for BLUE!  This polish does have a bit of texture without a top coat but that's to be expected when there is glitter in a polish... not to mention when you put a top coat on.... WOW holo sparkle that seems like it in just floating there! This could be a one coater if you do a thicker coat.... I like doing thin coats so it cuts own on drying time. This one does dry a bit matte but I personally like that because I always use topcoat and the ones that dry matte gives me a visual to know that its dry lol. This dried pretty quickly too. I used 2 thin coats. Removal was a breeze!

Cost: $10.00 for a 15ml

It's like a little galaxy on my nails!

With flash

 And last but definitely not least we have Feeling Blue! This holo glitter thermal polish goes from a very light blue (almost clear) to a dark blurple... more on the blue side than purple. This too has a but of texture once dry. Drying time was great! When this polish is warm it is light blue/clear state so you really can't get it opaque so you might want to wear it over something if you don't like your smile lines like me lol. I did use 3 coats, only because I wanted to build up the glitter lol. The formula was very smooth. Removal wasn't bad at all, unlike most polishes that have a lot of glitter where you have to sometimes was the foil method. A few swipes with a cotton ball and some acetone and it was off.... now the glitters did get on my fingers/cuticles (but who doesn't like to sparkle right) as I was removing but this was easily taken care of by washing my hands. 

Cost: $10.00 for a 15ml or $4.50 for a 5ml


 It's as hard to cool off my fingers lol I was running warm lol

Starting to change!

Here you can see the full transition (and yes you can see the drip of cold water on my thumb lol I was trying to be quick with the photo)

Final summary:
These polishes have a great formula, Dry fast, and are B E A utiful!

So head over to La Bella Vernice and get these or some of her other equally beautiful polishes! 

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Thanks for reading! Have a great day!