Monday, August 5, 2013

Question about giveaways.....

Sorry for the absence. I haven't had the words or time to really write a post... Because I didn't think that you would just want to see the same pictures that I would post on my Facebook page. (If I'm wrong please let me know)
Today I want to talk about something that I've been thinking about a lot lately...
I noticed that a lot of people will start to follow a page or a blog just for giveaway and then shortly thereafter un like or stop following. And it honestly really kind of irks me a little bit. People continuously do this... I mean really do you think a page or blog is not going to ever do another giveaway. I mean really....  if you like a page you should not like it just because of the giveaway you should like it because of the nail art or the person behind it. So for those people that just follow this blog or like my facebook page they're just doing it for a giveaway please trust and believe that I do notice when I post about having a giveaway and then get more likes shortly thereafter. I do make note of it so, you can't win back to back giveaways. So with that being said, I don't know that I want to do anymore Rafflecopter giveaways. I am thinking about just doing random giveaways where you don't know when it will happen or what you'll have to do for the giveaway.
I would like your opinion and thoughts on how you would like giveaways to happen. Would you like Rafflecopter? Would you like contests? Would you like random? Or would you prefer something more monthly... where there's a monthly contest?
Please let me know your opinions and thoughts. You can leave it in the comments below or you can go to my Facebook fan page and leave your opinions and thoughts there too. I do accept constructive criticism but I do not accept or condone hate so please take it somewhere else if that's all you have in your heart.
I will leave you with my latest and current mani! :) It's a three color gradient with NN3000 Carpe Diem on top Blueberry Creme in the middle and Wow-A-Doodle (summer 2013) on the tips, stamped with NN3000 Basic Black and Pween plate #36 from the Love Elements set.