Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ruby White Tips Breaking Bad Collection (4 colors) Review

Today I have a review from Ruby White Tips! This will be pic heavy so be forewarned! Lol

These polishes were sent to me for review so everything expressed here is my honest and unbiased opinion. Please see my disclosure policy located in the tabs above.

I have four polishes from the new Breaking Bad collection. I have Breakage, Cancer Within, Breaking Bronze and Say My Name.

First I want to say..... HOW CUTE ARE THESE BOTTLES!!!!! And the rhinestones at the top serve a duel purpose (well for me anyway...I don't think they were supposed to but they did) not only do they make them pretty but they also serve as grippers!

All the following pictures are with topcoat

Up first we have Breaking Bronze (which was named by a fan). It is a pinkish, orangeish color with gold flecks. Smooth application. Sheer in one coat but with two or three thin coats it is opaque.

This is one thin coat over white

This is one coat over black  

This is one coat on left and two coats on right

This is one coat over Orly Coffee Break

Here is all of them together

Next we have Say My Name. A baby blue HOLO!!! Smooth application. Sheer in a thin coat but semi opaque in a thick coat. Completely opaque in two coats.  

For some reason my camera hated me with this color and I could not for the life of me get an accurate color depiction of this except in the full hand picture and in the video… Blah polish problems lol

Here we have two thin coats… see the holo?!

Here we have one coat over white

Here we have one coat over China Glaze – For Audery

Here we have one coat over Black

And three thin coats alone

Here is the full hand in the sun

And here is a kicker for you… These two polishes have the same listing. Which means you get to pick which one you want. Breakage and Cancer Within are both a green color. One light and one dark. Both have a very smooth application… She did say that one of them can stain your nail beds…. I however, did not have this problem… maybe my chemistry or the fact that she told me up front so I used two coats of base before applying, either way be forewarned. 

Cancer Within is a due chrome light green with green shimmer! Very sheer in one coat but (for me and how I like the opacity to be) took 3-4 coats to be opaque.

Breakage is the darker green with green shimmer. Sheer in one coat but completely opaque in 2-3

For these photos I did something a little different! I wanted to get these side by side to do a comparison.

Here they are side by side... two coats of each... Cancer Within on the left and Breakage on the right

So on my middle and ring fingers I did half white and half black. 
Cancer Within (two coats) is on the left two (index and middle). Middle finger has white on the left & black on the right

Breakage is (two coats) on the right two (ring and pinky). Ring finger has black on the left and white on the right.

And alone with bottle shots

I have to say that when I opened these I instantly thought that my favorite was going to be Say My Name because I am a sucker for blues of all shades, I was surprised at the fact that out of these my favorite is Breakage! I love how it looks with my complexion and think it is a great color for fall! Regardless of whether you watch Breaking Bad or not (I don't watch much TV at all but after seeing these I think I am going to look into this show) you NEED to own this green! 

Make sure you check out the Ruby White Tips Facebook page where they have exclusive offers, tips, stories, photos and (dare I say it) Giveaways!
Also don't forget that she has a line that 50% of the proceeds to fund BatWorld.org

To purchase any of the Breaking Bad Collection or any of the BatWorld polishes please visit Ruby White Tips on Esty.

I did a video on YouTube for this also:

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