Saturday, March 14, 2015

Where have I been?

I know that I had said that I was going to the to pay more often but I had some medical issues come up with my fiance, which I'll get into later,  and we had a death in the family, which we'll be handling for a long time. These things have prevented me from being online much if at all.

I've got my internet back on and I'm in the process of moving my nail 💅 area to a different room in the house(doing this on my days off work) , so it'll be a week or two until my first swatch/review/nail art post is up.

How have you all been?  What have you been up to?  Any new nail art techniques that you'd like to set me try or something older that you'd like to see?  Let me know and I'll make a list a get started.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I'm Back - Rainbow Bridge

Well Hello there! I know it has been a long while since I posted and I do sincerely apologize for my absence. A great many things happened this past year that caused me to stop blogging, Change in job and I had many deaths in the family last year, are two of the major things. My love for polish kinda got pushed down by the sadness.

I know that most people don't really do New Years Resolutions but mine is to start Blogging more often. I will probably start off at least once a month and try to progress to twice if not three times a month.

Today I would like to tell you about a Collection that is close to my heart.

NailNation 3000 has just released a Rainbow Bridge Collection. In which she has named the polishes after her fans' animals that have passed. She had asked on her Facebook page for the name, a picture and a short bio. I gave two of the Goldens that we had and she picked both of them. 

I do not have these yet but as soon as I do I will swatch and review them.

Here is the whole collection:

Sir Oliver Buckethead's last "job" as a PAWS/TOUCH dog. He lost his fight with a brain tumor on 5/27/09 at the age of 11 - he visited nursing home, children's rehab facility, a grade school and numerous other appearances on behalf of the programs at Support Dogs, Inc. He touched many lives in his 8 years of doing this work. He is missed!

Now the back story as to how he got is name is actually pretty funny - My mom, sister and I lived in a two story house. The upstairs would get very hot in the summer so we had a circular fan at the bottom of the stairs to help circulate the cooler air. This fan wasn't like a regular box fan but more like an industrial fan. Oliver decided that this fan MUST be marked... The fan was on high. Needless to say not a drop hit the carpet or the fan. He then looked at my mom as she came around the corner like "What did you just do to me?!?" Hence the "Buckethead" lol

Here is the polish named for him:

 Toby - One of our first goldens. He was such a lover! He was also a PAWS/TOUCH dog for Support Dogs, Inc. along side Sir Oliver Buckethead. He grew up with my sister Kimberly and I. I even had my Senior pictures taken with him. He is missed by so many!

Here is the polish named for him:

Best part about this collection..... part of the proceeds will be donated to an Animal Charity!
You can find these and all the other Pet named polishes here:

If anyone would like more information on Support Dogs, Inc. They can be found here:
and they are also on Facebook here:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fairytale Dreams Collection (part one) from Creations by Lynda LLC.

Today I have for you a few polishes from Creations By Lynda LLC from the Fairytale Dreams Collection part one.

**These were sent to me for review. Please see disclosure policy found above**

Firstly I want to apologize to Lynda for this review taking as long as it has to post! I had some things come up that prevented me from being able to post. She has been very understanding during that time and I have kept in touch with her about it. It's funny how some things can bring people closer together. Anyway on to this beautiful polish!

The Fairytale Dreams Collection was inspired from the TV Show "Once Upon A Time" and because its a rather large collection it has been broken into two sets. The ones I am going to show you are from the first set. 

Each polish can be purchased for $8.50 USD or for each set in the Collection $48.00 USD

Here is the full set:

L-R: Charming One, Wicked Enchantment, Snow Day, Golden Spindle, Swan Song, Crimson Wolf

L-R: Beauty's Slumber, Hooked On You, Glass Slipper, Warrior Spirit, October's April, Hunter's Haven

And here are the ones that I will be showing you today! How adorable are these labels!

First we have "Swan Song". A soft light pink with a shimmer that the camera just wouldn't pick up! I have said it before and I think I need to stop saying it lol... I am not a pink person, but, I love this one! It matches my complexion so well.  The formula was smooth no issues. This one is a touch on the sheer side so I did have to use 3 coats to be opaque (however there are actually 4 coats shown in the pictures because I have OCD and having an odd number just doesn't sit right with me)

Here in the macro shot you can kinda see the shimmer a little but not nearly as you see it in real life. (please ignore the bubble that my SV made lol)

Next we have "Crimson Wolf". A rich... well Crimson color with a hidden shimmer to it. When I first put this on it was a total WOW factor! I don't know what it is about rich red shades that always wow me but... No issues with the formula. Two coats and this is completely opaque. I did use a matte topcoat on my ring finger to show you the shimmer in this polish a little better and well... sometimes you just want to matte a red color. 

Seche Vite on top and Matte on bottom

Next we have "Golden Spindle". A gorgeous gold with a shimmer! This one is sheer also so I had to use 4 coats to be opaque but he application was flawless. 

"Charmin One" - A light green with a shimmer. This one was a tad on the sheer side so 3 coats make this opaque but again shown in 4 coats (OCD).

Overall thoughts: Formula is GREAT! Colors are vibrant! And I think I need to start watching more TV!

Which one of these is your favorite? Mine was Crimson Wolf

Oh and before I go!!! Lynda also send me a candle for my birthday! She is so thoughtful!  She knows I like sweet smelling candles so she sent me Sugar Cookies! OMG I wanted to eat it! Scent was spot on! It smelled like fresh baked cookies! I have to admit I love burning candles... There is usually one burning in at least one if not 2 rooms of my house at all times.

 This 8oz Soy wax candle lasted me about 4 days with burning it for 4-5 hours a day with the scent filling the bedroom that it as in. 

Sadface! The mailman dented my tin! 

 Highly recommend you try out a candle from her! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!!!!!!  She has a ton of scents so I am sure you will find one that you love! 

The 8oz Soy wax Candles can be yours for $15 USD or you can get a 2 pack of tarts for $6 USD 

These can be found on Lynda's website
And check out her Facebook page